Reviews and Testimonials

See what folks are saying about their Jeezy’s Juke Joint experience!

“Loved Jeezy’s Juke Joint, an all African-American Burlesque Show!. So much fun, not to mention somewhat educational. 🙂 I enjoyed the MC, Jeez Loueez’. Got a kick out of her crazy humor and her ability to roll with the punches. The eclectic styles of burlesque that the ladies performed were very entertaining and some were more unique than others. I had never seen an all African-American cast of performers of burlesque and this was a real treat. They came in all shapes and sizes, which was refreshing to see. It was plain to see that everyone in the theater was having a good ol’ time and tappin’ their feet. Lots of whoopin’ and hollerin’ was goin’ on, too!”- member

“This was a new enjoyable experience for me!”- Toya

“What an inspiration night! The cast, the host, the production was all phenomenal! I hope Jeez makes this a regular show, we need it!”Stacey B.


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