Master Classes with Lux LaCroix, Alotta Boutte, & Egypt Blaque Knyle 3/12 at Dance Center Chicago

Saturday March 12th
Dance Center Chicago
3868 N Lincoln Ave
$25 per class
$63 for all three (save $12!)

Master Classes with Juke Joint Headliners Lux LaCroix, Alotta Boutte, and Egypt Blaque Knyle

Choreography Clinic with Lux LaCroix
Have the Worlds Greatest Number in your head, but have no idea how to make it reality? Or maybe a number that is this close to being fabulous, but just misses the mark? Let Lux FIX YOUR NUMBER! Whatever step you are on in the creative process, come on down and we will make magic happen.

Embody Stage Presence with Alotta Boutte
Learn how to radiate onstage and command your audience with just a look or flick of the wrist! This class is designed to help you get into your skin so you can own the stage. Through dance and choreography, we’ll explore what’s it’s like to be in your body, learn how it moves and what stage presence physically feels like. Funny, educational, and good for all levels of movers, Alotta teaches you how to expand your presence and take up space while making you laugh, shimmy, shake, bump, grind, and have a damn good time. Wear your dance clothes. Heels welcome but not required.

Stiletto Vixen with Egypt Blaque Knyle
Raw, sexy routines! Be prepared for anything. You’ll learn how to swag walk, sashay, twirl, head whip and drop CARDIO style. This class will bring out your inner Diva/Drag Queen. 


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