Perle Noire- The Black Pearl Returns to Jeezy’s Juke Joint!

Oh, lord. Yes, darlings, it’s true. The Rare Gem of Burlesque, the International sensation, named in the TOP 3 Burlesque Industry Figures in the world, inspiration to all, your returning 2015 guest star…

Perle Noire!!!!!!

Perle Noire- The Black PearlPerle Noire, labeled “Feminine Phenomenon” was truly meant to be on stage. Perle has amazing stage presence, seductive moves and artistry that grant her standing ovations and an ongoing appearance with Dita Von Teese on her, Strip Stip Hooray tour. Perle Noire the Black Pearl, is the most unique International Burlesque Queen. Described as the reincarnation of Josephine Baker, tearing up the stage in an onslaught of shimmies, high kicks, splits – and even a few flips! Perle is an incredible mix of raw sex and pure elegance, slow and sensual one moment and a whirlwind of movement the next. Her energy moves in waves over the room.

21st Century Burlesque Magazine called her a bold, beautiful burlesque firecracker with a unique talent and fearless dedication, Perle’s high energy performances have to be seen to be believed. Perle dances with strength, confidence and breathtaking gymnastic agility. Just watching this striptease artist amounts to a cardiovascular workout. And her tribute to the young Josephine Baker is impudent and even more physical.

Perle Noire’s dynamic style has earned her awards such as Top 3 Burlesque Performer Worldwide and at the Burlesque Hall of Fame. She also won the Queen of Burlesque title at the New Orleans Burlesque Festival.

2014 Top 3 burlesque performers worldwide
2013 Top 5 burlesque performers worldwide
2012 Top 20 burlesque performers worldwide
2012 Most Dazzling Dancer- Burlesque Hall of Fame
2009 2nd Runner- Up Queen Pageant- Burlesque Hall of Fame
2009 Queen of Burlesque- New Orleans Burlesque Fest
2008 Best Debut- Burlesque Hall of Fame

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