We’re excited to announce our newest additions to the March 14th cast…

The Incredible, Edible, Akynos

New York City, NY
The Incredible, Edible, Akynos
The Incredible, Edible, Akynos is a international burlesque performer and curator. She’s a show stopping entertainer who has curated, headlined, and performed in productions from New York to Europe. Also a sex worker activist, she has been performing burlesque since 2007. Her burlesque is both sultry and pop video inspired to keep audiences dancing, intrigued and enticed.

Bunny VanDoren

Indianapolis, IN
Bunny VanDoren has brought her brand of sass, comedy, and cheesecake charm to the mid-west burlesque scene for three years. As an original member of Indianapolis’ Angel Burlesque troupe, Bunny has been featured in several of their major productions including Welcome to Heaven, Erin Go Bra…less, and Boo-lesque. She has also performed in the 2011 Indianapolis Girl Pride show and was the 2012 Miss Ta-Tas and Tiaras, fundraiser for the Indiana AIDS Fund, and Nerdgasm. With a megawatt smile and cutesy charm Bunny VanDoren will shimmy, shake, and bounce her way into the hearts of any audience.

Essence Revealed

New York City, NY
Essence Revealed Silver Headshot
The Bubblin’ Brown Sugar of Burlesque!
A dual degreed, former lap dance engineer of the upscale gentlemen’s club scene, Essence has performed burlesque at venues all over New York City, including Duane Park, The Slipper Room, Nurse Bettie, Kitty Knights, Room 69 @ the Hotel Chantelle, Abiola’s Love, Sex & Dating Vimeo Show, Abiola’s Kiss & Tell live events, Dr. Choades Upstairs/Downstairs, Hypergender Burlesque, Red Umbrella Diaries, Sex Worker Cabaret, Sex Worker Literati, Rivers of Honey Cabaret, University’s, Canada, Europe & travels with Gesel Mason’s Women, Sex & Desire.

This Boston beauty transplanted herself to the Big Apple because she had a secret. She knew the essence of woman and she needed the best stages to show the world just how strong, sensuous, beautiful and bold that essence is!

Since storming New York she has helped motivate women to dare to be their most beautiful, most fit, and most empowered selves both on stage and off! 


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